Weekly Program

Important Message.
Please note that due to Covid 19 we are currently also conducting our services by Zoom.
Please contact us on 0403 821 523 for more information.

Saturday Mornings 8.00 am: 

We sit every Saturday from 8.00am to 9.45am. This is simply Zazen and Kinhin followed by a Dharma Talk and short discussion. We then meet for social coffee/breakfast at a local cafe.

The Saturday format is:-

8.00 Traditional wooden tapping (Moktok) and bell
8.05 Seated Practice 1 (Zazen)
8.35 Walking Meditation (Kinhin)
8.40 Seated practice 2  (Zazen)
9.10 Pouring of tea
9.15 Dharma Talk (Teisho)
9.30 Closing Gatha
9.35 Short discussion on the Dharma Talk
9.45 Social "coffee" at Local Cafe

Thursday Mornings 7.00 am: 

We sit every Thursday from 7.00am to 7.35am. This is simply Zazen and then we meet for social coffee/breakfast at a local cafe.

The Thursday format is:-

7.00 Three Oms and bell
7.05 Seated Practice 1 (Zazen)
7.35 Social "coffee" at Local Cafe

Beginners Classes - Times and dates to be advised.

This is simply instruction and sitting meditation (Zazen). 

The format is:-
  • Instruction
  • Traditional wooden tapping (Moktok) and Bell
  • Seated Practice and discussion (Zazen)
  • Closing Bell and Finish


We also have some special events throughout the year. Each year may vary in activities from the following list.

  • Zazenkai  (One day retreat) dates Please see Silky Oak Zen News
  • Sesshins TBA
  • Rohatsu   Celebration of "The Buddha's" life, Awakening and Nirvana (Early December)
  • Important dates on the Soto Zen calendar
  • Mantras to Music TBA



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