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Upcoming Retreat

Spring  Zazenkai – One Day Retreat

20th September 2014

Hi Dear Friends

As promised, our one day retreat (Zazenkai), is coming up on Saturday 20th, September at the Erina Zendo.

I have provided the program below, but it may change slightly during the day, depending on the weather.

As per tradition, let's keep our food to a vegetarian mix.

Breakfast will be quite a simple self service of toast, muesli, fruit juice, teas,coffee etc. Please bring a little something for yourself if this is unsuitable.

Lunch will be "please bring a plate" to share. I'll do a quinoa (or some brown rice) and veges with no gluten, legumes etc). Perhaps others could bring a salad or another vege dish? We wont be ready to do Oryoki on this retreat but it's coming soon :-). We will practice mindful eating though.

I also have some beautiful Mountain Oolong tea to experience during ceremony.

Please wear your comfy blacks or dark colours. You will need some walking shoes too and maybe a hat. Those who wish to wear the Zen hats during the "Anya Walk" may need to wear a scarf or head band underneath. I'm looking to have the inner head piece modified to be a foam and material band for more comfort.

Standard Zendo ettiquette applies. Please refrain from using strong deodorants colognes, after shave lotions and perfumes. Mobile phones should be switched to silent or turned off.

So really all is needed is yourself, a hat and a plate for lunch.

The topic for the group discussion at 2.30 pm, will be Chapter One (1) of "What The Buddha Taught" by Walpola Rahula. The chapter title is "The Buddhist Attitude of Mind" You can find it here.....

Just a short note that this was first published in 1959, so it doesn't include current gender conventions. That said, the tone of the text is quite well written for the general public and should promote some healthy discussion.

There are no dues or fees for the retreat, but any small contributions to cover the retreat costs would be welcome. They can be placed in the donations box near the entry.

Any questions please just come back to me.

Yours in the Dharma

Hoka Matt. 


7:00 Arrive (Chosho -morning bell tolled 9 times)

7:15-Call to Zazen - (Han or Moktok)

7:30-8:00 One period of Zazen (Chosan- first morning meditation)

8.00-8.30 Chanting practice

8:30- Kitchen aids prepare Genkan for breakfast- bring out trays and toaster :-)

8:30-9:15 Breakfast ceremony “Mindful Eating - Silence for the first 30 minutes”

9:15-9:30 Break and kitchen clean up.


Second Morning Session

9:30- Call to Zazen (Han or Moktok)

9:35-10:40 Two periods of Zazen alternated with Kinhin and Dokusan

9:35-10:40 Dokusan (one on one meeting with the teacher) by rotation.

11.00-11:45 Anya Walk – Rumbalara Reserve

11:50 Han or Moktok Roll

12:00-12:30 One Period of Zazen

12:30- 12:40 Kitchen aids prepare Genkan for lunch- bring out trays

12:40-1:30 Social Lunch


Afternoon Session

1:30-2:00 Break and kitchen cleanup

1:45- Call to Zazen (Han or Moktok)

2:00-2.30 One period of Zazen

2:30-4:00 Tea ceremony, Teisho/Group Discussion

4:00-Closing - Konsho  (striking the evening bell) tolled 9 times  _/|\_

Previous Events

“Buddhist Mantras to Music Workshop”

Workshop Code: W6

These worksops will be run at various times throughout 2014. Please watch this space for upcoming dates

This “joy filled” workshop introduces the practice of Buddhist Mantras to music. We will sing, chant and experience the resonant and vibratory nature of sound meditation. The experience includes musical accompaniment and provides great opportunity to musically chant together.

# Please note that a good singing voice is not required and not the point of fruitful mantra exercise. 

Chanting mantras provides an experience that transcends the senses, it takes us beyond the bounds of our standard human rhythms. For this reason alone we don't have to sing well or fully understand each mantra. Thus the practice soothes us in a most profound way. It relieves us from the sights and sounds of the material world and delivers us into a spiritual and resonant rhythm.

All are welcome J



Matt Lawther: Presenter, Guitar and Vocals.

Amanda Jefferys: Response Vocals

Steve Allison: Indian Tablas, Vocals

# Please note that the venue only holds 50 people, so we recommend that you respond as soon as possible to reserve your place.


How much is the attendance fee?

The fee for this 2 hour workshop is $30.00.

Light snacks will be provided during the break.  You can also visit some of the local cafes, just a short walk from our venue.


(Please aim to be seated 10 minutes before the workshop's starting time.)

Which transport can I take to the workshop Venue?

The Venue is at:
Fuller Hall

Level 3- Crows Nest Centre

2 Ernest Place

Crows Nest Sydney NSW 2065

It is located on the block between Willoughby Road and

Alexander Street, CROWS NEST.

General Parking near the Crows Nest Centre

The centre is connected to Holtermann Street car park.Other Parking Stations– There are 3 other parking stations run by North Sydney Council, also located close to Crows Nest Centre. “Hume Street”, “Nicholson Street”, “Alexander Street”. All carparks are usually free for the first 2 hours.

OFF-STREET PARKING – Off-street parking near the Centre is generally

metered parking. Some free parking may be found in local streets about 5 minutes walk from the venue.

Bus route via Crows Nest: 143, 144, 250, 273, E43, 290

Nearest Train Station: St Leonard’s 10 minutes walk to the centre.

The Crows Nest Centre is wheelchair accessible.

About our Presenters

All three of our workshop leaders meet regularly for “mantras to music” meditations and are long-time friends. Matt, a guitarist and djembe drummer, is actually the Buddhist Council’s Training Unit Manager. He has led numerous mantra workshops, both in his local Buddhist centre and to the general community. Amanda has a long history of singing, chanting and musical accompaniment and has conducted chanting workshops and practice sessions for her local “Aloka” community. Steve is a long term Buddhist and former band drummer. He is well experienced with both mantras and indian tabla drums. 

For more information about the workshops contact us via

Or please phone us on (02) 9966 8893


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