Saturday Mornings 8.00 am: 

We sit every Saturday from 8.00am to 9.20am. This is simply Zazen and Kinhin followed by a short discussion. We then meet for social coffee/breakfast at a local cafe.

The Saturday format is:-

8.00 Traditional wooden tapping (Moktok) and bell
8.05 Seated Practice 1 (Zazen)
8.35 Walking Meditation (Kinhin)
8.40 Seated practice 2  (Zazen)
9.10 Dharma Talk (Teisho)
9.20 Closing Gatha
9.30 Social "coffee" at Local Cafe

Tuesday Mornings 7.00 am: 

Please note that Tuesday mornings are in recess.

We also sit every Tuesday from 7.00am to 7.30am. This is simply sitting meditation (Zazen). 

The Tuesday format is:-

7.00 Traditional wooden tapping (Moktok) and Bell
7.05 Seated Practice 1 (Zazen)
7.30 Closing Bell and Finish


We have special events throughout the year.

  • Zazenkai  (One day retreat) dates Please see Silky Oak Zen News
  • Sesshins  (Retreats) Our most recent retreat was 26,27,28 February 2016
  • Rohatsu   Celebration of "The Buddha's" life, Awakening and Nirvana (Early December)
  • Mantras to Music. Several each year. TBA